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Regardless of whether you grow rat tail cactus outdoors year-round or bring it inside for the winter, the cactus needs a rest period during which it should be kept between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However. the light requirements are the same during dormancy; the cactus needs bright light year-round.

  • Rat Tail Cactus, ägaren

  • Rat Tail Cactus, ägaren

  • Gardeners only in the warmer zones can grow them outdoors, but rat tail cactus houseplants thrive in the interior landscape for most people. Learn more about rat tail cacti in this article. Click here for info.
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    To stimulate the growth of your cactus, you can add a half-strength dose of liquid fertilizer bi-monthly during the growing season. The growing season for a rat tail typically falls between spring and early summer. Propagate occasionally. Rat tail shoots can grow up to one foot per year under prime conditions.

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    Generally they are red or pink, but they don’t stay open for a while before wilting. But they are gorgeous when they do bloom! Once they wilt, simply pick them off and throw them out. Rat tail cactus generally blooms in the spring and summer, but it can bloom all year round if it is in ideal conditions.

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      Flowering usually occurs after mid-spring for up to 5 days of lifespan per flower. Many flowers will bloom along the stem. Note:This species is threatened in some parts of its range by the conversion of forest habitats to agriculture (mainly coffee and maize) and to a lesser extent, by cattle breeding.

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    What Is Rat Tail Cactus? Rat tail cactus (Aporocactus flagelliformis) is a flowering cactus that is native to southern Mexico and parts of Central America. It is found in higher elevations so it prefers cooler temperatures than most tropical plants from that region. The rat tail cactus has been a popular houseplant since its introduction to.

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    Cut a 6-inch section of the stem. You can cut a 6-inch section from the growing tip, or you can cut off an entire ‘tail’ and then cut it into 6-inch sections. Either one will root. Place the cuttings in a cool dry place for 3 to 5 days, so the cut ends will form a callous. Fill a tray or pot with moist cactus potting mix.
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