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    ‘Other wooded land’ means land either with a tree crown cover (or equivalent stocking level) of % of trees able to reach a height of 5 m at maturity in situ; or a crown cover (or equivalent stocking level) of more than 10 % of trees not able to reach a height of 5 m at maturity in situ (e.g. dwarf or stunted trees) and shrub or bush cover.
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    Platanus occidentalis, also known as American sycamore, American planetree, western plane, [2] occidental plane, buttonwood, and water beech, [3] is a species of Platanus native to the eastern and central United States, the mountains of northeastern Mexico, extreme southern Ontario, [4] [5] and possibly extreme southern Quebec. [6].

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    A year-old boy and a man aged in his 60s have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and released on bail, Northumbria Police said. Historic England has also revealed that part of.

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    Ficus sycomorus, the sycamore (or sycomore) of the Bible; a species of fig, also called the sycamore fig or fig-mulberry, native to the Middle East and eastern Africa Platanus orientalis, chinar tree (Old World sycamore) Some North American members of the genus Platanus, including Platanus occidentalis, the American sycamore.

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    The Sycamore Gap tree was planted about years ago by the landowner John Clayton. “He was an incredibly visionary man,” said Poad. “A real unsung hero. He planted it as a landscape.

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    Sycamore trees are flowering trees in the plant genus Platanus and the family Platanaceae. Sycamore trees are often known as plane trees. These massive broad-leafed trees grow to between and ft. (30 – 40 m) tall. Sycamore trees are generally easy to identify due to their bark that peels away, revealing whitish or orangey patches.

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  • Synonymer till sycamore. substantiv.

  • maple leaf n. (symbol: emblem of Canada) hoja de arce nf + loc adj. Canada's symbol is the maple leaf. El símbolo de Canadá es la hoja de arce. maple sap n. (tree fluid) savia de arce nf + loc adj. If you boil down twenty gallons of maple sap, you get one gallon of maple syrup.

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    There are eight known species of sycamore trees, all belonging to the plane-tree family. Three of these species are U.S. natives. Sycamore trees commonly grow in the Eastern and Central United States. According to the C. Frank Brockman book, Trees of North America, sycamore trees are common along streams and thrive in moist soils.
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