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To be chosen as kranskulla is nearly as special as winning Vasaloppet itself, and almost as difficult! There are very tough requirements and to qualify as kranskulla a girl must satisfy certain criteria. To begin with, she must be from Dalarna and unmarried.

Kranskullan i Vasaloppet gjorde

Vasaloppet's Kranskulla and Kransmas for the th anniversary year are Wilma Björkman and Edvin Nilsson A singing, sporty multitasker and a competitive slalom skier. Both with solid backgrounds as Vasaloppet functionaries.
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      A kranskulla ("Wreath Maiden") (after kulla) is a Swedish woman appointed annually to give the winner of the skiing competition Vasaloppet a laurel victory wreath by hanging it around his neck. A man doing the same task for women winners is called kransmas ("Wreath Man"). History.

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    Vasaloppets tävlingsledare utser kranskullan, och de har följande kriterier: Kvinnlig medlem i IFK Mora eller Sälens IF. God representant och förebild för idrotten. Hon är en god ledare, funktionär och/eller aktiv idrottare. Kransmasen.

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    Alice Larsson has been appointed Vasaloppet’s Kranskulla with the following motivation: ”This year’s Kranskulla grew up in an iconic Vasaloppet environment in Sälen and has been involved in Vasaloppet events together with her family since childhood.

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    Vasaloppet (Swedish for 'the Vasa race') is an annual long distance cross-country ski race held on the first Sunday of March. The 90 km (56 mi) course starts in the village of Berga, just south of Sälen in western Dalarna, Sweden, and ends in the town of Mora in the central part of the province.

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    Hanna Eriksson will be Kranskulla and Johan Wellert Kransmas in Vasaloppet and Tjejvasan Vasaloppet's competition management has appointed Hanna Eriksson from IFK Mora to be the 92nd Kranskulla in history, and management for Tjejvasan has appointed Johan Wellert from Sälens IF to be the 28th Kransmas.

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  • In Vasaloppet , the average age is and the average participant has skied Vasaloppet 4 times before. Of the registered Vasaloppet skiers in , 65 percent have skied Vasaloppet before. 35 percent are skiing Vasaloppet for the first time. percent of the registered participants in the track on Sunday are women.
  • Alice Larsson och Albin Gezelius