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    The Shih-Poo is a fun-loving and energetic little designer dog, whose zest for life is intoxicating. They are happy-go-lucky tiny doggos that thrive around people and will love to be included in your every adventure – heck, they’ll demand to be a part of everything you do and vice versa.

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The Shih Tzu is a crossbreed that can cost the same price as purebreds! What’s the shih poo Price? 💲 When it comes to Shih Poo puppies, they’re not that cheap. On average, their cost can range from $$ If the puppy comes from a reputable breeder or has a strong lineage of purebred parents, it could cost around $ upwards.

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Shih Poo Temperament and Behavior. Shih Poo is one of the most popular toy dog breeds that are not purebred but crossbreeds. Shih Poo is a cross between Shih Tzu and the Miniature Poodle. When it comes to temperament and behavior, the Poodle and its crosses are among the ideal breeds. Also known as Shoodle, the Shih Poo is a wonderful dog breed.

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  • 10–14 inches Weight: 8–20 pounds Lifespan: 12–16 years Colors: Black, white, tan, brown, cream, red, sable, apricot Suitable for: Families and individuals that want a loving, low-shedding dog Temperament: Alert, active, loyal, smart, trainable, vocal, playful, affectionate If you’ve never heard of a Shmoodle, you’re not alone.

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    Also known as shoodles, shih poo puppies are the offspring of a shih tzu and a toy poodle. Adult shih poos are loving, intelligent and versatile little dogs who make great pets for singles, couples and families. Shih poos possess all the charm and personality of both the shih tzu and toy poodle along with the hypoallergenic coat of the poodle.
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    Shih Poo dog that is also known as a Shoodle, is one of the most popular designer dogs in the world. It is a cross between the Chinese breed Shih Tzu and the Miniature Poodle. This low-shedding toy dog breed is considered one of the best lap dogs, as well as, couch dogs. The Shih Poo has inherited charm and cuteness from both of its parent breeds.
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    The Shih-Poo is a mixed breed dog. They are not purebreds like their Shih Tzu or Poodle parents. Shih-Poo coats can be curly like their Poodle parent, straight like their Shih-Tzu parent, or a.

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    The Aussiedoodle is a medium sized, extremely fluffy, and almost unfairly cute breed of designer dog. It was created by crossing an Australian Shepherd with a Standard Poodle. Like most designer dogs created from a pair of purebreds, the Aussiedoodle’s physical characteristics can sometimes vary. But in general, they are a medium sized dog.